CATEGORY / AREA: Codes / Scripts


  • There is no Google Analytics Tracking installed for
  • Elementor is being used as the primary page builder depending on whether the browser has cached the site information or not the scripts Elementor leverages can be resource intensive and ultimately affect page loading speeds.
  1. Add Google Analytics and Connect it to business domain and
  2. Connect Analytics Ronald’s Phone
  3. Move to a streamlined bespoke theme for Economy Tax Ins with page fields for administration adopt a  post/page template structure. This will decrease the amount of time it takes to load a page and have a positive net effect on SEO.

CATEGORY / AREA: Header / Navigation


  • Logo is not being served in a vector image format for retina displays.
  • Some navigational items lead away from the site without giving the user indication they will do so. And the link redirects them away from the site without opening a new tab. Making it difficult for the user to return to the main site easily or via tabs.
  • Business Phone Number is not accessible via the main navigation so it cannot globally be accessed regardless of which page you are on when navigating the website.
  1. Serve a SVG format version of the Logo for retina displays and later use in marketing collateral
  2. Serve the Navigation as follows:
    • Home
    • About
      • Our Agents
      • Testimonials (Will house the majority of the reviews)
      • Albertville Office
      • Hoover Office
      • Clanton Office
      • Fort Payne Office
    • Insurance
      • Request A Quote
      • Make A Payment
    • Taxes
      • File Your Taxes Online
      • Schedule An Appointment
      • Client Portal
    • Resources
      • Immigration
      • Citizenship
      • Calculators
      • News (Holds Newsletters and Link to IRS Newsroom)
      • Pay Taxes
    • Contact
    • Call Today 866-878-1760
    • SPANISH (Will Change Language Sitewide)



  • Services are not linking to respective service pages nor do they contain meta titles to what the link destination should be.
  • Service areas at the moment only are listed from a high-level navigational view.
  • Reviews are excellent but all are located on the front-page of the website.
  • Locations do not have their own dedicated area on the homepage at the moment.
  1. Create sections for each of the service areas Economy Tax Ins covers with nested elements so users can quickly reach the resources they are looking for. This approach will make the homepage a hub of resources and give more content for search engines to crawl once submitted for query.
  2. Set a number of review to the homepage and have a link navigating to testimonials along with badges and certifications further giving credibility and trust to the business.
  3. Create an area to nest the office locations and link their phone numbers adding links for google map directions and textually specifying that they’re authorized IRS e-file Providers so search engines can benefit of this content.



  • The “WPForms Lite” plugin cannot store form entries on the server this is not ideal in the event the email server misses a lead or submission.
  • The “Amelia” plugin when activated, causes the website to crash. Are funds currently directed towards this plugin?
  • The “All in One SEO” plugin is installed but not activated. Normally “Yoast SEO” and “All In One SEO” can have script conflicts when simultaneously activated. This could be troublesome a later point in time.
  • The Bookly plugin in installed but not actively licensed, this may be something to consider. Because its actively on the schedule an appointment page.
  1. Install a licensed version of gravity forms for lead capturing in the event email settings ever the form submission are captured by the website database. Gravity forms is also a good stepping stone to later sending email blasts if Economy Tax Ins ever wants to pursue that at a later date.
  2. Exclude existing plugins that are out of date or unlicensed. These can present a threat to the security of site if left unchecked. Code deprecates (gets out of date) if not maintained regularly.
  3. Select one seo plugin and uninstall the other to remove script conflict that potentially crash the website.
  4. Adquire the licensed version of Bookly to keep it up to date and ensure the billing and account information are in the possesion of Economy Tax & Ins for future billing and sustainibility.

CATEGORY / AREA: Taxes Page (Resources)


  • Forms, Calculators, Payment Links, News and Refund Information is all grouped together, so it can be  visually hard to distinguish what these page elements will ultimately do or what their purpose is for.
  • Newsletters are sourced from and contained inside an external website so although they are accessible via the current website’s resources they are not contributing to the site growing in content or seo value.
  • Its great to see forms that are held within the directories of the current site, however the links are referencing the document without opening in a new tab
  • The citizenship content and immigration content are nested within resources and citizenship has its own resource section within the parent resource section.


  1. Clear Categorization: Forms, Calculators, Payment Links, News, and Refund Information are organized into distinct, visually separated sections, making it easy for users to identify and understand the purpose of each page element at a glance.
  2. Integrated Newsletters: Newsletters are seamlessly integrated into the current website rather than being sourced from an external site. This integration contributes to the growth of the site’s content and enhances its SEO value.
  3. User-Friendly Form Links: While forms are still prominently displayed within the directories of the current site, the links to these forms are designed to open in a new tab, providing a more user-friendly experience and preventing users from navigating away from the main content.
  4. Logical Content Hierarchy: Citizenship content and immigration content are organized in a logical hierarchy, avoiding unnecessary nesting. Each type of content is presented in a way that is intuitive for users, and there is no redundant sectioning within the parent resource section.

CATEGORY / AREA: Insurance Page (Request A Quote)


  • The Dairyland links are relatively small and do not provide any “call to action” information for the user.
  1. Prominent Dairyland Links: The Dairyland links are prominently displayed and visually emphasized to draw attention. They are larger in size and strategically positioned on the webpage to ensure users notice them easily.
  2. Clear “Call to Action” Information: Each Dairyland link is accompanied by clear and compelling “call to action” information, providing users with a concise description of what they can expect by clicking on the link. This could include brief summaries, benefits, or enticing phrases that encourage user engagement.
  3. User-Friendly Design: The layout and design of the Dairyland links prioritize user engagement. They are designed to be intuitive, ensuring that users can quickly understand the purpose of each link without confusion.
  4. Interactive Elements: To enhance user interaction, the Dairyland links may incorporate interactive elements such as buttons, icons, or hover effects, providing a more engaging and user-friendly experience.

CATEGORY / AREA: Insurance Page (Make A Payment)


  • Update Payment links and ensure the provider urls resolve
  • Add links under the providers to make it easier and faster for users to make a payment according to the options each provider offers when possible
  • Make the Providers logos and links larger
  • Add Text for each provider so that its not jsut an image but a viewable for SEO.

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