Website FAQ

A website build takes around 2-3 weeks at Creative Mantle, designs and layouts take more time because we do not use pre-built themes like others sometimes do. Sites are created for each client’s needs and are designed to be as fast and as efficient as possible given each client’s circumstances. Some of the factors that impact the time of delivery or launch include:

Scope and Complexity:
The size and complexity of the website play a significant role. A simple blog or a small business website may be quicker to develop than a complex e-commerce site with advanced features.

Design Requirements:
Custom designs and intricate layouts will take more time than using pre-built themes.

Functionality and Features:
The features and functionalities you want on your site can significantly impact development time. For example, integrating e-commerce functionality, membership systems, or other advanced features will take more time than a basic informational site.

Content Creation:
The time it takes to create and gather content for your website, including text, images, and multimedia elements, is a crucial factor. If you have the content ready, it can expedite the development process.

Customization and Coding:
If you require custom coding or extensive customization of themes and plugins, this will add to the development time.

Client Response Time:
The time it takes to build a website is also influenced by the responsiveness of the client in terms of providing feedback, approvals, and necessary information. Delays in communication can extend the project timeline.

Testing and Revisions:
Adequate time needs to be allocated for testing the website on various devices and browsers. Additionally, there may be revisions based on client feedback, which can add to the overall time.

Hosting and Domain Setup:
Setting up hosting and configuring domain settings can take some time, depending on the hosting provider and the technical requirements of the project.

Updates and Maintenance:
Ongoing maintenance and updates, including software updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins, should be factored into the timeline.

Yes, we want you to feel comfortable making changes, adding staff, uploading images, creating blog posts, writing articles, displaying testimonials etc. We work hard to make sure the admin portion of your site accommodates the content you need for your business. We build the administrative portion of your site so you can use your website.

Absolutely. What’s more, we take it a step further, we’ll happily facilitate the export for you. Providing you with a file containing:

  • Your Website Files (Structure)
  • The Website Database (Content)
  • File & Images

And… Helpful Instructions with some things to keep in mind so that you can maintain your presence online wherever you decide to take it.

Additionally please note: you should be extremely wary of any developer who feels it necessary to keep your website in their possession, (And YES, THAT IS “ReAlLy wEirD” for anyone to suggest otherwise) more importantly it’s unethical, potentially illegal and just wrong.

Yes we offer

Content Optimization, Technical SEO, Local SEO:

Branding FAQ

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to the optical clarity of your logo or branding.

  1. Image Type (Raster or Vector)
  2. Screen Resolution & Size

Raster Images have set sizes so for example when you take a picture with your phone the resulting image would be Rasterized image. That means as you zoom in you will eventually reach a point where the image begins to produce what the eyes see as a jagged edges. As seen below:

Yes, we provide designs that are versatile in order to meet your marketing needs. If at any point you want to use a logo for a vehicle magnet, wrap, or decal, you could. You could easily apply the same logo to digital assets like an email signature, site, or social media.

Hosting FAQ

Yes, as long as your own the domain and have administrative access to it via the domain registrar (the company you used to purchase the domain) we can build and host your site for you.

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