CATEGORY / AREA: Codes / Scripts


  • Need to review ownership and data for the current Google Analytics Tracking installed for (UA-165380780-1)
  • Crizal2 is being used as the primary page builder depending on whether the browser has cached the site information or not the scripts leverages can be resource intensive and ultimately affects page loading speeds. (Google Page Speed 17/100 Mobile & 48/100 Desktop) (GT Metrix Performance 56%)



  1. Continue using Google Analytics and Connect it to business domain and
  2. Move to a streamlined lightweight theme for with page fields for administration adopt a post/page template structure. This will decrease the amount of time it takes to load a page and have a positive effect on SEO.

CATEGORY / AREA: Header / Navigation


  • Logo is not being served in a vector image format for retina displays.
  • Business Phone Number is not accessible via the main navigation on mobile at the moment.
  1. Serve a SVG format version of the Logo for retina displays and later use in marketing collateral
  2. Add Phone to main Navigation on mobile and Serve the Navigation as follows:
    • Home
    • Services
    • Tech
    • About
    • FAQ
    • Support (If Applicable)
    • Contact



  • Services are listing the some of the included items or installations but they could be expanded on.
  • Each Service page needs to have individual SEO titles and descriptions, meta and opengraph information for sharing across social media. (Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Etc.)
  1. Expand content on each service item with the objective of adding location based keywords and content for search engines to crawl.For Example Under the Service:

    Voice and Data Cabling

    CAT 6 Cabling

    At Avisight we offer premier Cat 6 cable installation services across New Jersey and New York, catering to residential, commercial, and corporate clients. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, our expert technicians ensure seamless integration of Cat 6 cables, enhancing your network speed and reliability. Whether upgrading existing infrastructure or starting anew, Avisight provides meticulous planning, professional installation, and thorough testing to guarantee optimal performance. Our service extends beyond installation, we provide support and maintenance, ensuring clients experience uninterrupted connectivity. Choose Avisight for Cat 6 cable installation and maintenance solutions, we deliver reliable networks tailored to your specific needs in New Jersey and New York.



  • Do not currently have access to current wordpress platform. This can be expanded on once login information is given.
  1. Install a licensed version of gravity forms for lead capturing in the event email settings ever the form submission are captured by the website database. Gravity forms is also a good stepping stone to later sending email blasts if Avisight wants to pursue that at a later date.
  2. Install licensed Advanced Custom Fields to create a easy to use admin that is less resource intensive and flexible.

CATEGORY / AREA: On Page Resources


  • Images are served in JPG and PNG
  • Images need alt tag information.
  • CTAs (Call to Actions) could afford to be a bit more pronounced.
  • Partners currently page or service specific.
  • About section does not include textual certification information at the moment.
  • No Method to Leave a Google Review from Website at the moment


  • Change visual aesthetic across the website leveraging images, more color and bolder actionable items.
  • Serve images as .webp for page speed
  • Add alt tag information relevant to Avisight and The Regions Avisight Targets.
  • Make the CTA more prominent and easy to click (Call to Action) Items (Phone Numbers/ Contact Buttons Etc.)
  • Recommend moving partners to a global area title (“Avisight Partners”) above the footer so they are visible across the website (adds psychological credibility to potential clients knowing brands they trust are being used by avisight)
  • Include more information under “about” regarding the certifications

    SBE:At Avisight, we are proud to be certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional services while contributing positively to our local and regional economies. This certification underscores our dedication to meeting the specific needs of small businesses and government agencies seeking reliable and innovative solutions in telecommunications and technology infrastructure. As an SBE-certified company, we are equipped to provide agile, personalized service that exceeds industry standards. Our team leverages this certification to forge strong partnerships, drive economic growth, and create sustainable value for our clients and communities alike. At Avisight, we continue to uphold our reputation for excellence and integrity in every project we undertake, ensuring that our SBE certification enhances our ability to deliver results-driven solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clientele.Minority Owned:

    At Avisight, we take pride in our status as a certified minority-owned business, recognized for our commitment to diversity and excellence in the industry. As a certified minority-owned enterprise, we bring a unique perspective and passion for innovation to everything we do. Our certification not only reflects our dedication to fostering inclusivity but also enhances our ability to connect with diverse clients and communities. At Avisight, we leverage our minority-owned status to drive creativity, enhance customer relationships, and deliver exceptional service in every project we undertake. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and quality, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled expertise and support.

  • Create a “Leave a Review” and decide whether to make it public facing or part of the closing client interaction.

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